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About us

When we Teach and instruct you on learning the Real Filipino martial Arts. We guarantee you that only real Masters and Grandmasters who put their years in practising  and we are not Youtube sensation, only real Filipino to teach you our Filipino Martial Arts, not some kind of greedy foreigners who claims himself as a Filipino or Datu claiming himself with some what bought their certification, from some greedy GM / Masters in the Philippines or elsewhere.


Arnis is a Filipino Martial Arts. 

There are a lot of foreigners who appreciate and learn our martial legitimately Masters / Grandmasters / Datu / Practitioners and spend years in perfecting the Art of Arnis.

We salute you and keep up the great job. We love you all for raising out culture and Flag.


Beware of Fraud who claimed themselves Instructors,  masters or even claim and named themselves Grandmasters who had bought their certificate under-the-table and train for several seminars or even few lessons and thought they can get away with this. 




We can arrange and organize a special group class for any people who wanted to learn Arnis.

We also teach private classes into learning intense Arnis Filipino Martial Arts moves.

Will be instructed by real Filipino Master.