Hi everyone this Master Billy Francisco, let me introduce myself to you.
I speak Fluent Chinese, Tagalog, and English. I was born in Hong Kong.
From time to time I am being interviewed and featured in Hong Kong Magazine, Radio, TV etc.... Promoting the Art.

I have several movie fighting scene plus several Advertisment too.


I have learned many martial Arts and tried it but only this Filipino Martial art has really proved to me and to my street fights helped me survived and shown the ability why FMA Arnis is the way for real street and real life & death survival fights.


Arnis is very preparatory martial arts it is adaptable to any style of martial arts some may say its a key to open up your third eye to martial arts. Many claims after they have learned Arnis it really helped them both with or without weaponry on hands.


The Filipino Martial Arts Combative art system is one of the Art I learn from the founder itself of the system " Great Grand Master Ernesto Presas Sr" my master that had passed away on 2009 November. I thank my master for all the effort and heart to where I am now a Master spreading his art in Hong Kong and of course have to mention the new generation GrandMaster Bambit Samuel  Dulay who introduce me, taought me day by day  to the Filipino Art when I started when from day one(1) I was 17 years old when I was in the University in the Philippines  than from then on I tasted how good the Filipino Art during that period I was simutaneously learning other Martial Arts forms and when I back to Hong Kong I kept the art to myself never thought I will be teaching I only teach private lesson because I kept myself working as a computer Analyst and soon meet new martial arts friends  "Tai Chi Master Giezi Miranda and Henry Arnis Blackbelter/Karateka  and told me not to waste the  gift that I have learnt they helped and teach spread out the Knowledge that I know, until now I am teaching sharing the Art in Hong Kong and another part of Asia.

I was also Honoured and given that  Arnis practitioners would ever dream of,  an Arnis Distinction a Certificate of a lifetime, that is above all belt level given to me by my mentor Grandmaster. Bambit Duday Dec 2014. 
The Arnis is known for its double stick techniques but features other stick and blade techniques, as well as empty-hand methods. It has been enhancing again and again to be able to compete with real world, society, real situation on combat street.
As the student of our Great Grand Master Ernesto A. Presas Sr. we are spreading his true Art legacy for the love of the Art.
He was born in the coastal town of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental on 1945-05-20. At age 8 he began his martial arts training under his father, Jose Presas, a well-known escrima practitioner at that time. He went on to be an athlete in his college years, participating in various sports. His training in the martial arts is eclectic, having studied judo, jujutsu, karate, and various forms of Filipino and Japanese weaponry. He is currently a Lakan Sampu (10th Dan) in arnis and Mano Mano (hand to hand combat) and holds a Lakan Walo (8th Dan) in Philippine Weaponry.


Remy and Ernesto Presas both recognized that the classical arts of their country were losing their appeal and therefore slowly dying. Both sought to modernize the native arts into an effective fighting system that would be appealing to martial arts students living in modern Filipino society. Their dream to re-introduce his native arts led to the development of Modern Arnis. Ernesto Presas would later re-christen his version of the art Kombatan.

In 1970 he began to teach the Filipino martial arts at the University of the Philippines and Lyceum of the Philippines. Later other classes expanded to the University of Santo Tomas, Central Colleges of the Philippines, the Far Eastern Military Academy, Philippine National Police Academy, and the Philippines Air Force Officer's School. Also in 1970, he was invited to Japan at Expo '70' to demonstrate Arnis. He quickly earned the respect of many of the Japanese masters who called his Art Filipino Kendo. After returning home, with the help of his friend Frederico Lazo, he opened his first club. Later he formed the Modern Arnis Association of the Philippines International and the ARJUKEN (which stands for Arnis, Jujutsu, Kendo) Karate Association to formally spread the art within the Philippines. In 1975 he founded the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation (IPMAF) and began to spread the Filipino art to the outside world. In time his Arnis Presas Style and techniques became widely accepted and adopted by countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico. He has also published numerous books and videos and has been featured on the cover of Inside Kung Fu magazine with the title "Ernesto Presas: The Father of Mano-Mano" (which art he created) and also hall of fame with his son Ernesto Presas Jr. during when Great Grandmaster was still alive in early 90's

I am now still spreading the Filipino Art here in Hong Kong and Learning Advance levels from Amazing Real Filipino Grandmaster with different Arnis Styles that are still alive. We also guide teaches Internal Power, Knife Throwing, Balisong, Nunchaku, knife to knife, Bangkaw to Hong Kong and China.

The Filipino Combative Art combines several traditional Filipino styles that have been blended into a single art:
Hirada Batangueno
Sungkiti Tutsada
Abaniko Largo / Corto
Doblada / Doblete
Banda y Banda
Espada Y Daga
Daga sa Daga
Dulo Dulo
Dos Puntas
Tres Puntas


We also Practice, Modern Arnis, Tapi Tapi as part of our System to Complete the FMA movements.

About us

When we Teach and instruct you on learning the Real Filipino Martial Arts.
We guarantee you that only real Experienced, Professional with tested real to life street fights using Filipino Martial Arts and with world-class Certified Masters and Instructors qualities.


We are a group of Arnis Practitioners in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Philippines, Asia and Internationally that share the beauty of the art as a family.